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lately I haven’t been posting anything in tumblr , well that was for a reason , I’ve been busy with my new blog , besides working out , and doing school stuff 

here`s my new blog site ,

its mostly about food and what I do with my free time ..

I’ve posted my first few blogs in tumblr . 

I won’t leave tumblr. I`m just expanding my web jive :) 

1 year ago

Sweet indulgence 2 !

Being a student is very stressful specially when test days are coming, and surviving this is not easy, proper time management is needed.  The Finals period is one of the most crucial periods in any college student`s life, somehow I call it the rapture/ judgment / dooms day, probably because I don’t excel that much in school stuff , and since I didn’t have enough time to experiment I just made a version 2 of my past post J

Everything is still the same except that the “or” in “cacao or coffee powder” became “and” J , I thought that I shouldn’t close doors on options that could be great together , so Its “Chocó mocha  banana J” still fattening . You can choose to add rum OR milk, I`d like to emphasize the OR because milk and rum usually don’t go together. When adding the coffee powder I’d like to mix it well with the cream, but in adding the cacao I only do about 2-5 little rotations because I like that chocolaty taste of the cacao powder J

I know it’s still fattening but I only eat it to relive stress, it’s like comfort food , I don’t eat it when I`m bored, and besides eating this dessert everyday is not healthy , and it takes time for the carbs to burn so ,again, I recommend you to only indulge when you really feel like indulging J have fun J

2 years ago

Sweet indulgence !

After resisting temptation for about two days, yes I know, I`m that weak, I thought that it would be a great time to indulge. I usually do food experiments at night, because I know that my mom would be asleep by then, If she saw me doing food experiments she`d just say that I was wasting resources, I do agree on her on that one but how would you discover if you don’t want to try, failure is natural but not trying is a bigger waste of valuable resources, which is time. I`m a little weight conscious so I tend to look at how many pounds is this going to add to my weight but for the sake of indulgence there is no such thing as weight conscious

All I had in the fridge as APC (all purpose cream), a can of milk, sugar, vanilla extract, biscuits, and a banana. (Coffee or cacao powder is optional)

First I put the APC into a bowl where it`s safe to whisk it in then I added about 1 ½ tea spoon of milk, I don’t want to add too much because it makes the mixture too waterish and it loses its creamy texture, coffee powder then I began whisking, after a while of whisking, I added a tea spoon of vanilla extract, then I whisked again, whisk it until you find that consistency that you want.  At the plate I prepared some crushed biscuits, any biscuit would do as long as you think that it would go right with the taste of the mixture, but not finely crushed just a little crushed to mimic the effects of oats then I put the banana in, depends upon you weather you want to cut it or just put it there as a whole, then I added the mixture. There it is

I know it’s a fattening but you`re not going to eat it every day J it’s just an indulgence that you`d eat every so often, and it costs less than 75 pesos so it’s no hassle to but the ingredients .

P.S. this is a dessert .

2 years ago

When the sea meets the land.

The other day I got left alone at home ,my mom and my sister went out ,and my brother went to work , I was thinking how to beat boredom , since I couldn’t go out , I decided to just do an experiment . I asked myself what would the taste of seafood when it got in with the taste of the land. I took inspiration from the Japanese sushi/makki but I don’t want to copy what a sushi/maki really is. I don’t know why I chose fish fillet but … well it’s already there. Of course I had to use dried sea weed because it gives that natural “just right” salty flavor to the fillet. The fish wouldn’t go to the pan without seasoning so, again, I used black ground pepper , a generous pinch of rock salt ; rosemary and thyme , just the right amount, and I used sesame oil in cooking the fillet

If I were to rank it I’d say it’s an 8/10, maybe adding some mango slices to it would make the island taste of it go out more, It mainly has fish protein and some fiber, since I added celery to it,

I think this would be an example of “when the sea meets the land”. I recommend eating it with rice ,any rice would do, since I`m from the Philippines and just because I like it that way J

2 years ago

Butter pan roasted pork meat

Yesterday, when I went out to go for an evening jog passed by a new route in Malate, and malate being malate had its own food aisles. Now, I didn’t eat there because I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t have money at that time, mostly because I was penny less  so I just analyzed the pictures and conceptualized the taste . Of course I do not claim that this was an original by me , maybe someone ,somewhere around the world made something like this ,  so all credits go to everyone who can cook J

I grabbed 3 pieces of pork meat cut them in any way I wanted , any way you`re the boss , you`re have the final say J, then I put a generous pinch of salt + crushed pepper (same amount) . here comes the tricky part I incorporated some dried herbs in it but I don’t know what it is ,but it tasted good J  so I put thyme , rosemary, savory ,and the “the” ingredient  . Since I want every part of the pork meat to have equal taste I assured that the pork meat was evenly covered by the herbs and spices J . I would recommend using sesame oil for cooking but I got a little too hungry so I used canola oil. Then I added a slice of butter. Make sure to cook all sides so that no juice would escape. After cooking, I realized that some herbs got left in the pan so I cooked an egg in it no (salt added) and I used the egg as a bed for my pork meat with some little accessories (spring onion) which is optional. I didn’t eat mine with rice, I ate it with veggies, I would probably recommend eating it with lettuce J

My biggest fear in cooking is my appetite, when I`m too hungry I tend to under cook something eat it half raw, it sounds weird but it’s true. I get my adventurous Ideas from my experiences , so all credits goes to anyone who can cook J . Enjoy and be happy J


2 years ago